Background Checks

Today, individuals, businesses, and organizations use background checks to screen employees, hire babysitters, recruit volunteers, and fulfill insurance policies and protections. When we run one, we expect background checks to facilitate common sense safety requirements by answering the following questions about a prospect:

  • Who am I dealing with here?
  • What do I need to know about them?
  • How and where can I find and confirm the information?


Obviously, these are three of the basic questions that everyone who runs a background check expects to get answered. There are other less obvious questions—not always asked but critically important:

  • How far into this person’s background can I legally explore?
  • What may I ask and what should, or must, I not ask—and why?
  • What is the safest way for me to get all the appropriate information I need without exposing my school, church, organization, business, or even myself to unnecessary legal risks and repercussions?


Yes, background checks are effective tools to protect you, your clients, your children, and your business or mission’s interests. Privacy laws; however, make gathering that information more complicated and legally risky than most people know. They raise the question:


Who is going to protect you?


Ignis Forensics understands the delicate and appropriate balance between an individual’s right to privacy and an inquiring person or organization’s right to confirm details about that individual. We at Ignis Forensics can bring invaluable knowledge and years of law-enforcement trained and tested expertise to your background checks:

  • We know how deep and where you can search.
  • We know what you can and cannot ask depending on the final use of the background check itself.
  • We know your rights and the rights of person who’s background you are investigating.
  • We have a vast network of resources to help you get at the real information you need.
  • We can get the right information for you without you getting into trouble in the maze of privacy laws that protect both your and your prospects rights.


Please don’t put your school, church, business, or family in danger either by hiring the wrong person based on insufficient background information, or by asking the wrong questions and inviting legal reprisal.


Let Ignis Forensics handle your background checks in a legal, timely, affordable, and professional way.