Crime Scene Investigation

crime scene investigation

IGNIS Forensics, LLC is Colorado Springs’ premier private crime scene investigation expert. Dianna Taylor C.F.E.I. C.V.F.I. is uniquely qualified as an adjunct investigative partner. With over 30 years of forensic investigation experience, IGNIS Forensics, LLC is the CSI expert that you need to evaluate and reconstruct a crime scene and act as a CSI expert in court when the time comes.


Crime scene investigation (CSI) evaluates and reconstructs a crime scene using scientific methods, experimentation, and research. Investigating a crime scene involves:

  • Forensic photography: photographic documentation with digital and 35mm of the crime scene and all physical evidence. Can include latent evidence developed through physical or chemical processing or seen with alternate light sources.
  • Latent print development and recovery: experienced in developing latent prints with a variety of techniques to attain the best results. Latent prints are used to reconstruct the scene.
  • Shoe print and tire thread impressions evidence: impression evidence is documented correctly and collected with chemical processing or casting for analysis. Shoe print and tire thread evidence is compared to identify or eliminate shoe or tire sources.
  • General evidence collection and processing: Maintaining strict custodial records and evidentiary value while collecting, documenting, and processing all physical and latent evidence. Evidence requiring specialized analysis, including DNA extraction, gunshot residue, tool mark, firearm examinations, and hair, trace, and fiber analysis, is properly maintained and transported to the laboratory for testing.

IGNIS Forensics, LLC is the premier private CSI service with years of experience and expert knowledge to preserve the scene, process evidence and provide expert testimony.

Criminal Scene Investigator

As a Criminal Scene Investigator, Dianna Taylor CFEI  CVFI and IGNIS Forensics, LLC approach crime scenes with inductive and deductive reasoning. Discovering the sequence of probable events involved in the case by examining the scene and evidence. IGNIS Forensics, LLC offers on-scene services including:

  • Perform scene investigation with proper crime scene protocol
  • Photograph and diagram the scene
  • Following ASTM standards of collection of evidence
  • Proper processing of all evidence
  • Tire tread impressions
  • Shoe print impressions
  • Physical matches
  • Pattern injuries examination
  • Bloodstain pattern analysis and latent bloodstain detection
  • Collecting serological and trace evidence for analysis
  • Fingerprint and latent print identification and analysis
  • Physical evidence processing
  • Crime scene and accident reconstruction
  • Case consultation with forensic evidence
  • Follow up investigations upon request

IGNIS Forensics, LLC has professional relationships with expert laboratories that analyze DNA, gunshot residue, serology, firearms, and tool mark evidence. When you work with us as a criminal scene investigator, you are working with a wide-ranging expert that will examine your case and evidence from start to finish.

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