Fingerprinting is the most powerful weapon against identity theft and fraud. IGNIS Forensics, LLC meets all the most technical and legally demanding fingerprinting requirements with years of professional training and expertise.


Fingerprinting is not only for criminal cases. Fingerprints are commonly used for job applications, childcare employment applications, background checks, liquor licenses, massage licenses, jobs in school districts and private schools, among others. The Colorado Springs Police Department no longer offers non-criminal fingerprinting services. IGNIS Forensics, LLC offers all fingerprinting services.

Finger Print Cards

Fingerprints are done on finger print cards. Often government organizations, like the Department of Immigration, require physical copies of fingerprints on finger print cards. There are several cards, so it is important to use the correct finger print card. Fingerprints can be taken the traditional way with ink on a card or digitally collected and printed on a finger print card. These cards are then mailed to the concerned organization.

FBI Fingerprinting

FBI fingerprinting is part of FBI background checks. They are also used for adoptions, court related issues, foreign travel, student visas, and attorney request.

• FD-258

FBI fingerprints must be performed on a FD-258 card, the official finger print card produced and approved by the FBI. Currently, the FD-258 card contains the full Privacy Act Statement as required by the FBI on the back. Older versions do not include the Privacy Act Statement and are no longer valid. Signing the front of the FD-258 card serves as agreeing to the Privacy Act Statement. FD-258 cards can be requested by mail.

• Live Scan Digital Fingerprinting

IGNIS Forensics, LLC offers Live Scan digital fingerprinting as an alternative to ink. The Live Scan process captures fingerprints electronically and can archive or print them. This is the preferred method for fingerprinting because it produces a more precise image and is completed in under 10 minutes.

Court Ordered Fingerprinting for Name Changes

Changing your name legally requires a fingerprint-based record check. The courts need the fingerprints to be readable and clear to conduct a background check. IGNIS Forensics, LLC provides the best fingerprinting services to achieve a legal name change on the first filing.

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