DNA Testing

DNA testing has developed into the gold standard of forensic evidence since it was first used in 1986. DNA is used to eliminate or link a suspect to a crime in criminal court because no two people share the same DNA. Today, the world of DNA testing goes beyond criminal investigation and is used to discover other parts of our lives. IGNIS Forensics, LLC performs DNA testing for a wide variety of uses. We partner with the most cutting-edge DNA laboratory available that is certified to ISO and AABB standards. We are the most trusted and accessible source for DNA testing in Colorado Springs.

Paternity Test

Paternity tests are used to determine whether a man is the biological father of a child. Paternity DNA tests are highly accurate. They use DNA sequencing, or a series of tests that look for genetic matches between a child and a potential father, to prove paternity. Paternity tests are legally used to determine custody, child support, social security benefits, and inheritance.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing identifies changes in proteins, genes, and chromosomes. This is a vital tool for health by confirming suspected genetic conditions or determining a person’s chance of developing genetic disorders. There are 77,000 genetic tests available; it is vital to talk to a doctor or genetic counselor to determine which genetic testing is best for you.

Ancestry Testing

Ancestry testing has taken us by storm through several large ancestry testing sites. IGNIS Forensics, LLC is a local option for ancestry testing. Ancestry testing uses DNA to discover ethnicity, ancestors, and traces of your family history and connect you to distant relatives. Several ancestry tests show your DNA heritage. Y-DNA ancestry tests for men show patrilineal ancestors. M+DNA ancestry tests show matrilineal ancestors. Autosomal DNA ancestry tests show both sides of your family.


DNA Health Testing

DNA Health Testing gives you a deep insight into your health. A doctor will recommend DNA health testing for a specific medical reason to make a more informed medical decision.

Court Ordered DNA Testing

Court ordered DNA testing is more commonly performed in paternity cases. The court may also order DNA testing in immigration cases to prove family relationships, probation hearings, and criminal cases. IGNIS Forensics, LLC works closely with the court system with court ordered DNA testing.

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